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We’ve all been there, scrolling through eBay or Facebook marketplace listings for hours on end trying to find a bargain that takes your eye.

Retro Chest - Boxed Game Boy Color Fresh From The Wild

Boxed Game Boy Color fresh from being picked from the wild.

I was doing just this on Facebook and came across a purple boxed Game Boy Color complete with box, instruction manuals and it even had the promotional posters and service leaflet. Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was listed for just £20! It had also been listed for 2 or 3 days and only had 6 views. That is a very rare case indeed. I don’t know why or how it had so few views but it benefited me. So I messaged the seller expecting it to have been long gone, but no, it was still available.

Boxed Game Boy Color with manuals and promo materials for £20!

What an absolute steal! The Game Boy itself needs a bit of a clean but overall is in great condition. The box has a few signs of wear and tear but is structurally sound and good. The leaflets and posters are near perfect. When I purchased the GB I wasn’t expecting such a complete package. The leaflets and manuals made my day, to get it for £20 made it even better. It even came with two fully charged AA batteries, bonus.

Continue reading below for the history of the boxed Game Boy Color I found


The Nintendo Game Boy Color was released October 21, 1998, in Japan and later on that year in November for the rest of the world. It remained on sale until May 2003 and combined with the Game Boy sold over 118 million units. That’s a lot of Game Boys, it makes you wonder why you don’t find more in decent condition. I suppose they are all very well played and take hours upon hours of finger bashing!

The display boasted an incredible 160 x 144px screen and it’s best selling titles were Pokemon Gold and Silver, not surprisingly. The Game Boy Color was also backwards compatible, this is an advantage as at lunch it already had a very good catalogue of games that users were able to sink their teeth into.

Neo Geo Pocket

Neo Geo Pocket released by SNK

Its competitors at the time were the Neo Geo Pocket(SNK) and the Wonderswan(Bondai) which at the time were only released in the Japanese market and were technically superior to the Game Boy Color in every way.

One of the downsides to the GBC unit was that it had no back lit screen, but rather impressively two AA batteries would give you 30+ hours of game play.


There is a pretty large modding community that surrounds the retro scene these days. If you are like me then you’ll love looking at some of the mods and fresh builds that people imagine up. The Game Boys is no exception. The most common mod you’ll find for the GBC is the addition to the unit of a back lit screen, which increases the playability of the GBC a great deal, as anybody that has owned a Game Boy pre-back light era will understand the difficulty of playing in poor lighting conditions. You’ll also see some pretty funky custom case jobs too. Take a look at some of my favourite mods below.

What is your best retro gaming find? Leave a comment below.

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