Retro Chest – 1st Edition – Premium


Say hello to the first edition Retro Chest, the perfect retro game gift. Bursting with 40 retro game related items, this chest will enhance your collection ten fold. Your chest could feature some of the classic characters from gaming in Sonic, Super Mario, Pac Man, Link and many more. Get yours while you still can as the 1st edition of the Retro Chest is a very limited edition.

Join our exclusive club and get your very own chest within a couple of days. This edition includes the hand held gaming device.Full list of items below…



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Retro Chest - Retro Game Stickers and Post Cards


Get 3 retro stickers of some classic titles box art along with 2 fantastic A6 postcards containing some eye catching retro art work. In this edition of the Retro Chest you will receive classic box artwork for Super Mario and Donkey Kong on the Nintendo Entertainment System and Sonic The Hedgehog from the Sega. The fantastic A6 postcards will feature brilliant custom artwork of Super Mario himself and a multiple Game Boy layout piece.



Fantastic officially licensed rubber embossed Mega Man, Sonic and Mario key chains. The perfect retro gift for the gaming enthusiast. These items are sure to brighten up your set of keys and be a certain eye catcher to get the conversation flowing. Your Retro Chest will be filled with ONE of these at random.

mystery itemMystery Item – Item gets picked at random!

Retro Chest - Super Mario Mint Tin Tray


Stay cool with this awesome metal Mario tin full of brick style mints to keep your breath nice and fresh. Every collector LOVES a quality metal tin to keep a few small goodies in. After you’ve gone through your tasty mints you will be left with an awesome collectable metal tin with the big guy Mario on, how cool is that?! You can also make sure you stay fresh through hours of gaming.

Retro Chest - Mario Drinks Coaster


Keep those coffee stains off the table in style. Get a random 3D Mario drinks coaster for something different to add to your collection and brighten up the games room while you’re at it. Who needs boring bland drinks coasters when you can have Mario and his friends protecting your surfaces.

Retro Chest - Mario Kart Figurine


Each bag has 1 officially licensed Hanger inside. Contains a mix of the 8 main characters (Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Peach, Donkey Kong, Wario, Bowser), including 1 rare chaser character (Gold Mario). Each Retro Chest will get a backpack buddy chosen at random. Which will you get? Maybe the rare Gold chaser!

mystery itemMystery Item – Item gets picked at random!

Retro Chest - Mystery Minis Vinyl Mini Figures


Funko’s ‘Mystery Minis’ series, packed in blind boxes. Get a random character box sent in the post. The box in its self is cool enough. Done in a retro arcade cabinet style, inside features a 6cm high quality vinyl figure. It will be a lucky dip of 1 of 12 characters.

Blinky, Pinky, Pac- Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Centipede, Q*Bert, Colly (Q*Bert), Frogger, Mega Man, Taizo (Dig Dug), Fygar (Dig Dug) and Pookah (Dig Dug).

mystery itemMystery Item – Item gets picked at random!

Retro Chest - Legend of Zelda Collector's Box Contents


This special value package is overflowing with collectable fun! Each chest has over 30 items inside and features 1 of 3 high quality collector pins. Inside are 4 packs of the newly released The Legend of Zelda™ trading cards, which include characters and scenes from 5 games, spanning nearly 20 years of Legend of Zelda series history. Also included is a poster and the exclusive Gold Foil card #G9 Midna! Trading cards, tattoos, decal stickers, foil cards, special pin, and more – over 30 items!

Each Chest Contains:

– 4 Packs of Trading Cards with 6 cards and 1 decal or sticker each
– 1 Poster
– 1 Collector Pin
– 1 Exclusive Gold Foil Card (#G9 Midna)

Foil Cards appear in every other pack. Gold Foils appear 1:24 packs.

Premium Handheld Game Console


The Arcade Ultimate Portable is the ultimate handheld for playing retro games on the go! With over 80 classic games built-in. Full SD card functionality to load your favourite games.

This also includes a fully re-chargeable battery and cables to plug this beauty directly into a television to play on the big screen.

Retro Chest Yoshi Loves It

Just to recap, here is a summary of what you’ll get packed inside your Retro Chest 1st Edition:

  • 3 x Retro Gaming Stickers
  • 2 x Retro Art Post Cards
  • 1 x Sonic The Hedgehog/Mega Man/Mario Rubber Key Chain (ONE picked at random)
  • 1 x Super Mario Mints and Tin
  • 1 x Super Mario 3D Drinks Coaster
  • 1 x Mario Kart Backpack Buddies Figure (ONE picked at random)
  • 1 x Mystery Minis Vinyl Mini Figure (ONE picked at random)
  • 1 x Legend of Zelda Collector’s Bundle(30+ items within its self)
  • Premium Handheld Game Console(Pre-loaded with over 80 classic games, SD card capability)