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I’m back to Facebook Marketplacewith another Game boy. This time with a Game Boy Advance in a fancy Spice Orange colour! I wasn’t even aware of this colour, but there are a few going around on eBay. They seem to go in good condition for around £30 – £40 mark. I’ve looked to see if this is a re-shell. But it appears not to be as all the official stickers and serials are present. There are hardly any signs of ware apartfrom a few very light scuffs to the screen being present.

Unfortunately this package didn’t come boxed. But it did come with two loose games in Super Mario Advance(worth around £10 currently) and Rayman Advance(worth around £4). All for a very reasonable price of £23, knocked down from £25. I went in for £20 so we met somewhere in the middle!

Beautiful Game Boy Advance in a “spice” orange colour!

Assuming the Game Boy Advance is worth around £40 and the two games a combined £14 I picked up this bargain bundle for a total of £23 and its worth around £54. Double money, if I wanted to sell it!

Game Boy Advance Spice Orange

Freshly picked for £23!

GBA Stats

The 32-bit hand held gaming system was released in June 2001. It was the successor to the Game Boy Color and sold over 80 million units. It was discontinued as May 15, 2012. Which is fairly recent history. The best selling games on the platform were, like most Nintendo platforms, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The Game Boy Advance was the first handheld from Nintendo that was layout landscape rather than the more traditional portrait Game Boys that came before it.

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